Lakefront Goals

The City of Evanston RFP #1748 states that any proposal for the renovation of the Harley Clarke mansion and coach house must align fully with the Evanston Lakefront Master Plan.



The six goals of that plan are listed below.  The concept of restoring the Lighthouse Landing Dunes and Preserve suggested on this website fully aligns with these goals.
Goal 1: Establish practices and policies to preserve and enhance the lakefront’s natural environment
Goal 2: Create a strategy to improve multi-use trail conditions minimizing traffic conflict and emphasizing community connections for all trail users.
Goal 3: Coordinate transportation resources to improve lakefront-user access while preserving the integrity of lakefront open space and natural areas
Goal 4: Assess existing park facilities and upgrade or replace, depending on condition and need. Implement new facilities where there is demand while honoring the lakefront’s environmental integrity and surrounding neighborhoods. Any new facilities must be LEED certified. Any concession facilities associated with Lakefront structures must be “minor”-i.e “food and drinks should be pre-packaged or refrigerated … excluding significant facilities such as grills or kitchens.”
Goal 5: Emphasize a balance between natural unprogrammed lakefront with a variety of lakefront- appropriate activity programming to engage all users and generate limited revenue, while honoring the lakefront’s environmental integrity and surrounding neighborhoods.
Goal 6: Develop and implement lakefront policies that support and fund a balance of high-quality lakefront appropriate programming and promote physical and financial accessibility for all users. Upgrade all lakefront facilities to comply with federal ADA and state IAC accessibility laws.